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Decks & Porches

Shop: 3232 Old Goliad Rd

Kali McCord

Sales Representative 


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We offer portable deck construction services locally in Victoria, Houston or their surrounding areas.

Manufactured homes come with dozens of benefits. They're often more affordable than traditional homes, and they take less time to construct. But sometimes, manufactured homes don't come with decks or porches. Luckily, Smithdecks offers portable deck construction services in Victoria and Houston, and their surrounding areas. We can install a high-quality deck or porch that's custom built for your manufactured home. The best part is, we build our decks off-site, so you won't have to worry about construction work in your yard.We offer free delivery and installation services within 75 miles of Victoria, TX.

If you're interested in a portable porch or deck for your home, Call Kali at (361)-894-9377 (Victoria+Houston Area) to schedule an installation.

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